High Speed Tablet Press – Double Rotary: 37 / 45 / 55 / 61 Stations.

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It is High Speed Double Rotary type Tablet Press suitable for large batch production having capacity of higher table output and built with full consideration to GMP standards. Force Feeding Attachment and AC Variable drive with Electromagnetic clutch are standard features of the Double Rotary Tablet Press.

High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press is available in 37 station ‘D’ tooling or 45 station ‘B’ tooling, 55 station ‘BB’ tooling or 61 station ‘BB’ Tooling.


Features of Tablet Press with Pre-compression Double Compression:



  • High speed double rotary type Tablet Press suitable for large batch production & conforming to cGMP norms

  • Facility for fine tuning all parameters during operation of the press with the help of outside front controls with dials.

  • The press is equipped with ACVF drive for the main motor as well as force feeding motor, which enable operator to synchronize press feed with feeding.

  • Specially designed pressure link assembly, which ensures sufficient & equal pressure to the tablets for maintaining tablet weight consistency.

  • Continuous lubrication Pump for Turret Helical Gear & Pinion & One shot Lubrication pump is provided for lower roll pins

  • Lower punch seals are provided at lower punch hole in turret.

  • All guards are interlocked for safety.

  • Control panel is detachable with all electrical controls on the top.

  • Hydraulic Gauge on lower guard for easy view

  • Designed with a view to minimize change over time. The weight adjustment section is easily removable which provides easy access to lower punch die sets for the removal / replacement of lower punch die sets.

  • Hand wheel for indexing the turret during tool change over by a single operator.

  • Dust extractor nozzle is specially designed which can be connected with a dust extractor keeping it away from press.


Optional Parts/ Systems available for Customisation:

(1) Two Layer / Bi-layer Tablet Attachment

(2) Auto Lubrication Pump

(3) Hopper granule level sensor

(4) Hydraulic Power Pack

(5) PLC Controls with LCD touch screen

(6) Full Automation with software and LCD Touch Screen









Technical Specifications of High Speed Rotary Tablet Press:







No. of stations 





Type of tooling 





Max. Operating Pressure

10 Ton

6.5 Ton

6.5 Ton

6.5 Ton

Max. Tablet Dia.

23 mm (25.4 mm on demand)

16 mm

11 mm

11 mm

Depth of Fill

20.5 mm

17.5 mm

17.5 mm

17.5 mm

Output Tablets / Hr.*

87000 to 222000

96000 to 32400

120000 to 396000

132000 to 438000

Upper Punch Penetration

3.2 to 8 mm

Main Electric Motor

7.5 kW / 10 Hp / 1440 RPM / 3 Ph

Powder Feeder Motor

0.19 kW / 0.25 Hp / 1440 RPM / 3 Ph


*Depending upon the characteristic of material and shape & size of tablets.



Due to continious improvements in the machineres, specification of the machineries is subject to change without any prior notice.




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